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Monday, February 4, 2013

About the Challenge

Are YOU, a digital hero? Do you have what it takes to survive in the 21st century world of always present technology? If you think you are up to a test of your skills then you are in the right spot!

Starting on February 4th a series of posts will appear at this address, five in all. Each will discuss an essential characteristic of Digital Heroism... Character, Originality, Kindness, Respect, and Talent.

Your mission, should you truly be a Digital Hero, is to respond to each posting with an intelligent comment sharing your thoughts on each trait, asking a question of the blogger, or sharing your personal experience with the topic. Comments will be screened before going live on the blog.

Should you successfully complete your postings for all five challenges you will earn the title "Digital Hero" and will be entered into a prize drawing. Prizes include HD Flip Cameras and iTunes Gift Cards and will be distributed the week following the challenge. Prizes can only be awarded to those who use their true identity on all of their posts, so be sure we know your true identity. (Feel free to include a catchy superhero name if you want!)
So how do I get started, you ask? Before you can participate you must join this blog using your EVSC Gmail account. Be sure we are able to easily know who you are - this is why we recommend using your EVSC Gmail. Then, wait until your first hero trait posts early on the morning of February 4th!